U1016 – Day 2 – Hall A

Day 2. Flying Safety

Safe Flying:
  1. common sources of interference and how to avoid them
  2. good flying practices
  3. common errors and how to avoid them
  4. making a pre-flight checklist
  5. sources of error for each sensor
  6. how to handle when the error affects flight
  7. how to calibrate the IMU, compass and gimbal
  8. understanding the LEDs on the drone
Return to home:
  1. understanding how return to home works
  2. how to configure return to home effectively
  3. conditions that trigger return to home automatically
Malaysia Aviation Law:
  1. do’s and don’ts
  2. liabilitis and responsbilities
Hands-on Flight Training:
  1. flying and showing some LED errors
  2. triggering return to home