U1016 – Day 1 – Hall A

Day 1. Introduction to Drones

  1. UAV types
  2. what is LOS, ELOS and BLOS flight?
  3. how does a multi-rotor fly?
What are the major parts of drones and what do they do:
  1. propellers, motos, DJI smart batteries
  2. sensors (GPS, IMU, compass, obstacle sensors)
  3. camera (gimbal, camera, filter)
The remote and how to use it:
  1. controls on the remote
  2. functios on the remote
The DJI GO4 app:
  1. functions of the app
  2. user interface
  3. basic settings
Hands-on flight training:
  1. take-off and landing
  2. basic movement without rotation